Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Blog Begins...

So, I've decided to write a blog.  I'm currently on a journey to broaden my baking horizons and so I want to document it all somewhere. My mum suggested a blog, so here it is.  I'll start with some pictures of some of my historical bakes.

This was the birthday cake for my mum.  I had a lot of fun with sugarpaste on this one.  There is something quite therapeutic about covering a cake.

These were my first attempt at macaroons.  I used the Mojito Macaroon recipe from the second Great British Bake Off recipe book and they were amazing.  They didn't keep very well though so definitely one to make and eat as soon as possible.

Victoria sponges are my ultimate go to.  They always get me out of a sticky situation and they have never failed me yet.  I love these mini ones, finished with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

This was a croquembouche that I just knocked up one day :) A batch of choux pastry buns, filled with a lemon pastry cream and assembled with caramel.  Looked lovely assembled, but looked a mess as it was started to be deconstructed! 

This was Paul Hollywood's eight strand plaited loaf (GBBO book 3).  I started to plait the dough but it wasn't quite right so I undid it and started again and I was pretty impressed with the end product.  It made for a great ham sandwich :)

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