Monday, 31 December 2012

Summer Fruits Pavlova

I wanted to make a light dessert for Christmas Day - so I decided to make a pavlova.  It was quick and easy to prepare and bake and slipped down nicely after a full on lunch :)

I used a handheld mixer to whip up the egg whites in to soft peaks:

I added half the sugar and cream of tartar, one spoonful at a time and whisked until it became stiff peaks.  I then folded in the remaining sugar with a metal spoon and then spooned it onto a prepared baking sheet.

It was then baked on a low heat (120 degrees centigrade fan oven) for about an hour.  After it has been baked, turn off the oven and leave it in there to cool.  I did this on the evening of Christmas Eve so it could cool in the oven overnight. 

After the meringue was done it was a simple case of whipping up the double cream and preparing the fruit.

Easy peasy!

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  1. It is really mouthwatering and an easy to make recipe!I am a big fan of meringues,they are always so luscious and tempting. It is a must try thing,I will definitely make it with my sister!