Sunday, 9 December 2012

Welsh Cakes

As promised, today I made some Welsh Cakes.  The "christening" of the plank took most of the day to be honest! Putting it in the oven for half an hour... waiting for it to cool... washing it... putting in on the hob... scrubbing it with salt... waiting for it to cool... washing it.... But at least now the process is done and next time I use it I can just get it out and get cooking!

I've got to admit, the mix was so yummy, I couldn't help having a nibble even before it had been cooked.  Dan's Mam's top tip was to have the mix on the dry side so that was my aim:

I rolled it to about 1/4 inch thick and used a round cutter to make the cakes. I already had the plank on a low heat so I was ready to get cooking.  

My main problem was getting distracted by cutting out the next cakes while there were cakes on the griddle. The result - burnt welsh cakes :( They just seemed to cook a lot quicker than what I was expecting.  I think next time I would definitely cut them all out and then cook them in batches - watching them the whole time!  The ones in the middle were definitely the worst as it was a hot spot so for the rest of the cakes I avoided the middle of the plank.

These were some of the least burnt ones:

And with a sprinkle of caster sugar to finish:

For not many ingredients I made about 50 so will definitely be taking some in to work tomorrow so Dan and I don't scoff the lot :) 


  1. these cakes look absolutely homely and delicious. i am wondering what kind of sweet sauce would work with them or any kind of topping? wiw i am drooling. please update more

    1. These taste great with lashings of butter on top. Not sure about a sweet sauce, but let me know if you give one a try! :)