Saturday, 22 December 2012

Who's Lorraine? Quiche Lorraine

The in-laws arrived last night but the food shop isn't due till tomorrow (Ocado - anything to avoid facing the supermarket at this time of year!) so I had to pull together some sort of lunch.  I hit up the BBC Good Food website and came across this recipe ( for a quiche lorraine.

I kept forgetting to take photos so apologies that they are a bit sparse in this post!

I blitzed the pastry ingredients in the food processor and then blind baked as instructed.  It looked like this:

After frying off some lardons, dicing some Gruyère, and blending some double cream, crème fraiche and eggs we were good to go.  I didn't tip it into the pastry case all in one go - I topped it up when it was level in the oven to save on spillages!

Here is it cooking:

It took about 40 minutes, rather than the suggested 25 minutes - but it was worth the wait.  I forgot to take a  picture of it fresh out the oven, and before I remembered, it had been mostly wolfed down at lunch.  It was ever so light and really quite tasty though - I would definitely recommend anyone give it a go.

Here is what was left:

I've also been busy this week desperately trying to jazz up our frankly naff xmas tree, with these hand made cuties:

They cost about 25p each to make and are a doddle to make.

Happy Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great day.  I'll have a few more posts over christmas - I'm intending to pull together a pavalova (or a "pav" as nigella calls it) as well a few other bits, but for today that is it from me.

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