Sunday, 13 January 2013

100 ways with Chocolate Coins

I had a busy weekend last weekend baking, desperately trying to use up the thousands of chocolate coins we had left over from Christmas!

So, I made chocolate swirl shortbread with chopped up chocolate coins ( a nigella recipe):

Next on the list, banoffee tartlets for cake club at work.  I whizzed up some sweet shortcrust pastry in the food processer, rolled it out and then popped the pastry into a 12-hole bun tin and baked in the oven.  When the pastry had cooled I added a teaspoon of caramel (Carnation, out of a tin - classy I know), a 1cm chunk of banana and piped on some whipped double cream.  And on the top, you guessed it... grated chocolate coins!

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