Friday, 17 May 2013

Rainbow Cake Part 2

So... Part 2.

I got the cakes out the freezer this morning and left them in their wrapping.  By the time I got home from work they were nicely defrosted. I was ready to put it together.

To make the butter icing I probably used about 25 oz of icing sugar, 4oz of flora light, and 4oz of butter. Whizz it all up in the food processor. You can combine it by hand, it just takes a lot longer. 

I trimmed the cakes where required and stuck them together with a very thin layer of buttercream.  

I used a 2D tip in a disposable icing bag (Lakeland -expensive but very good quality), started in the centre of the rose and worked my way out.  It takes a bit of practice but once you get used to it it's pretty straightforward.  Here's the cake half covered:

And now fully done:

I love the fact that the icing looks so innocent and elegant but when you cut inside its going to be so bright! 

As Miranda's mum would say: "such fun!"

I hope my mum enjoys eating it tomorrow :o) 

Not sure I will be baking much over the next couple of weeks as will be focussing my attention on sewing but will be blogging about that too! 

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