Saturday, 3 August 2013

Wedding Cake for Bushra and Daemian, Part 1

So once again it's been a long time since my last post. A fair bit has changed in my kitchen over the last few months, the biggest thing being my new stand mixer.  Like many who lust over stand mixers for a long time before investing, I did some extensive research. I love, love LOVE the look of the kitchenaid and always dreamt about getting one in almond cream. But when I got a bonus at work and started looking more seriously at buying a mixer I started to look in much more detail at the specifications of all the different machines. I did a lot of reading of other people's blogs, checked out Which to see what they had to say, and asked myself serious questions about what I was going to use it for.  In the end I settled on a Kenwood Major Premier (only available on Amazon in the UK). It doesn't have the obvious beauty of the kitchenaid, but I still really like the way it looks my kitchen. Also, it has a LOT more power, has cheaper attachments, and was about 2/3's of the price, so overall a no brainer for me.

It also has more bowl capacity than the Kenwood chef, so for an additional £20, I thought this model would future proof me in case I ever took wedding cake making more seriously.

Which happens to take us on to the real reason for my post today.  Yesterday was the wedding of my good friends Bushra and Daemian.  I work with Bushra, and when I told her I was booked onto a cake stacking course, she asked me if I would do her wedding cake for her.  I knew this would be a great opportunity to practise my skills so I said yes! That was probably about 8 months ago now and since then I have done them some cake tasting sessions, as well as a design consultation. The end result was this:

(Bride and groom cake pop toppers by Neli at

I will now take you through how to bake and assemble this cake layer by layer

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