Friday, 20 June 2014

Minion Cake

Back to a bit of baking!
Back in April it was my husband’s birthday and whilst he was away on a cycling training weekend, I knocked him up a birthday cake – and not just any cake, a Minion cake :)
He is a massive kid at heart and absolutely adores Despicable Me.  He also loves dinosaurs so he thought he was getting a dinosaur cake – what a surprise he had in store!
I didn't have a recipe as such, I had just pinned a lot of pictures of minions and minion cakes on Pinterest, and hey off I went!
I wasn’t really sure of proportions so I kind of winged it as I went along, but I’m really really pleased with how it turned out.
In the end I made three 6” cakes.  One chocolate with chocolate buttercream, one lemon with lemon buttercream, and one vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling.
I cut the chocolate and vanilla cakes off level and rounded the top of the lemon one to make the top of the minions head.  I have no experience in sculpting cakes so I think this was a great gentle introduction.

I dowelled the bottom two tiers and put a cake card between the layers – the dowels probably weren’t necessary but no harm done.

I then stacked them up and covered the whole thing in buttercream.  The hardest part was getting the yellow layer on.  I admit I didn’t do it perfectly but it turned out ok.

For the rest of the minion I just kept going back to the pictures and building it up bit by bit.  Here was the step by step pictures:

I’ll admit, the cupcake I actually bought from Tesco. Shock horror!  I went to Tesco to get some ingredients for the cupcakes and saw it right there in the bakery aisle.  (This also was the weekend I did the Totoro wedding cake, and a lot of DIY, so please forgive my sins).
And the hubby loved it!
This was definitely my most favorite cake I have made to date.  I think because there was no pressure.  I hadn't had a brief so I could do what I wanted, and at the end of the day, no matter what it looked like, I knew he would have been chuffed just because it was home baked cake.

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