Saturday, 18 April 2015

Some more gardening progress

A lot has happened in the garden in the last month - spring has definitely sprung and everything is growing like crazy.

The front of the house needed some updating desperately.  This very drab looking basket had been in place since we moved in:

Time for an update!

I got a new coco liner from Wilko's for £3-4, and 3 new plants from the garden centre (£3 for 3).  I re-used the succelent that had managed to survive such a desolate year, but I broke it up into two clumps.  Here is the result:

Looking much better I think!

The vegetable patch has also been coming on well.  I have religiously been planting my seeds in accordance with my calendar that I planned out over the winter.  Here are some progress shots:

My calendar showing me what I should be sowing each week!

The first mange tout going in - a monumental moment

Well these little salad beauts raised their little heads a few weeks ago, and then after a few days disappeared as quickly as they came :(

The first mange tout coming up - these have come on loads now since this picture, and the second planting (two weeks after this first planting) have already come up too.

The veg bed all marked out.  We are a bit limited on space so it's quite 'compact' planting.

The raspberries sprouting - no longer dead looking sticks!

Our cloches from Poundland - doing a good job at keeping the cats and their poop off our veg!  Also protecting against the worst of the elements, although does mean I have to water them more often than I would otherwise.

The rhubarb coming along nicely.  Possibly the easiest thing in the world to grow.  Just leave it to do its own thing  - simples.

I will add more photos when I take them to show how they are all coming along.  We have more peas to plant tomorrow.

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