Friday, 17 July 2015

Bathroom shopping

This should probably have come before my last post, but here we go!

I spent a lot of time researching all the various components of the bathroom. If I had discovered Pinterest before we bought this house I think it would have been a whole other story!

We went round lots of shops to get some ideas of what we were after. I sat in the baths in the showrooms as well as on the toilets! The baths raised some eyebrows but the toilets really got people staring at me! Obviously my trousers were still on!!

For tiles we tried some tile showrooms but the real success was with Walls and Floors, an online company. They delivered full sized samples for very little money. I would highly recommend them.

Once we worked out what we wanted, I then researched the best and cheapest place to get it.

Admittedly I made mistakes. Hindsight, a wonderful thing... The toilet roll holder has been a nightmare- it was a reasonable one from Victoria Plumb. But it has wobbled and wobbled until I could take it no more. I have since bought the John Lewis Mode toilet roll holder (with much less possibility of wobble in the future due to its design). This has been installed for about two weeks now and I have much more faith in it. 

The shower curtain pole I originally bought was also terrible. "You buy cheap you buy twice". It went rusty so quickly which just looked horrible so that was quickly replaced.

But, you live and learn!

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