Monday, 13 July 2015

Hallway Renovation - the 2015 project. 6 month progress

It's going to take us all year to finish this job - I just know it.  We are 6 1/2 months in and it looks like this:

Almost stripped to the bare bones.

Let me start at the beginning - we've got 6 months work to catch up on!

In the beginning, it was purple, and textured.  Just everywhere.  Texture.  There were two different wallpapers - both textured, the coving was textured, and the ceiling was textured artex.  Excuse me while I vomit...

One of the textured wallpapers

The other textured wallpaper - painted purple

The ceiling texture

The "complementing" green carpet

The textured loft hatch - heck if you are going to texture the ceiling you might as well do the loft hatch too right?!

The textured coving

Have we all thrown up yet?  

So we stripped the wallpaper - every last inch of it.  That took most of January (evenings and weekends) and a good push over easter weekend to get the last bits.

We were held up with the really high bits as we didn't have a ladder.  One gumtree purchase later and we are now the proud owners of a multi purpose ladder.  Not that I can use it mind.  It gives me the heebly-jeeblies somewhat.  Therefore I considered it a gift to the hubby :)

We were then held up when all the plasterers said they wouldn't touch the radiator with a barge pole because it would leak.  Hence our April 'holiday' spent replacing all the radiators in the house.  Consider all of this enabling works.

So we finally got all the radiators done, and I gleefully called the plasterer to tell him we were all ready and when could he fit us in?  August, he said.  Oh...

To be honest it's a good thing, as it's allowed us to save the money up to pay for it as the radiator work made a big dent in the budget.

Watch this space!

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