Monday, 13 July 2015

July - Gardening

Well the vegetable patch has gone crazy.  It's such a lovely feeling pottering down to the end of the garden just before dinner, and picking out what salad to have for tea.  And homegrown strawberries - can't beat the taste and satisfaction.  I've had my strawberry plants for 4 years now, and they have always been so so disappointing - but they finally seem to have got themselves together and we have a right bumper crop :-D

These photos were actually taken a few weeks ago, and everything has flourished even more since then!

I have also fulfilled a life long ambition and bought myself a hydrangea for the patio - it's just coming into flower now - I literally cannot wait :)

Last month I also gave the front garden fence a good spruce.  We already had the paint in the garage, so with a bit of sanding just to give it something to grip to, and it scrubbed up really well.  Hopefully it's got a good few more years in it yet.  Our neighbour also dug out all the gravel which was a weed patch and put some concrete in - much better.

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