Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hallway Plastering - before and after

The plastering of the hallway was a huge step forward for the hallway.  You can see the first part of the story here.  The ceiling was artex textured and the walls just looked like someone had taken a machine gun and peppered the wall with bullets!

Also, before we had the walls plastered, I took the opportunity to go nuts with paint sample pots to figure out what colour we wanted to paint the final finished walls.  I really loved the idea with painting the walls (or at least one wall) navy blue.  But on balance, I think it will make the room really small, even though the sun pours in in the morning.  I'm coming to have to save this beauty of a colour for another room...  I tried lots of 'vaguely beige' colours with a range from Johnstones and Dulux.  However, what looked like a lot of similar colours on the tester pots, became a mess of browns, lilacs and some really strange colours by the time they got on the wall!  The one that I was drawn to though was Dulux's Egytian Cotton.  I painted it in a few spots around the room, and it was interesting how it looked in different lights even in the same room.

Sorry about the really poor lighting in this photo!  But you get the gist of the colours.

The walls were also covered in cracks, including some quite large ones.  The plasterer suggested putting some fine mesh into the plaster to prevent the cracks propagating through to the surface and prevent them spreading.  It added about £100 to the quote, so I thought it was worth a punt.

This is the mesh being put in:

When it was all completed, I just came home from work and stroked the walls :) haha!  What an exciting life I lead!

(And by 'After', I mean 'Progress'!)

As the plaster was drying out.
I can't wait to get painting!!  What exciting projects have you got lined up?

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