Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Hallway Progress - Stripping Paint

Before the plastering, I tried to strip as much of the architrave around the doors.  With 7 doors opening into the hallway there was quite a lot to do!  You might ask, why even bother?  We painted them when we first moved in, but because the paint was chipped underneath, the patchiness just showed straight through the paint:

So back to the bare woodwork it was.

Tools I used:

Some parts of the architrave stripped really quickly, other parts were much more stubborn.  The key is to keep the heat moving slightly so it doesn't scorch the wood, then just as it starts to bubble, attack it with the scraping tool!  I damaged the wood in a few places where I tried to scrape it before the paint had softened properly and gouged into the wood instead - oops!  Nothing a bit of wood filler can't fix though.  That's just because I was so impatient!

The wood was then very rough so I sanded it down with my palm mouse sander:

The difficulty I have found, is I'm not quite sure where to stop...! You can see if the picture above I have done all of the wood that is visible from the hallway when the door is closed.  Trouble is if I keep going, I could go on forever with all the woodwork in all the rooms!

I managed to do the bathroom doorway, and started on the spare bedroom doorway, when all of a sudden... the heat gun stopped being hot!  It was still blowing air out but it just wasn't hot.  By the time I had gotten the heat gun exchanged (Screwfix were fab), time was flying and the plastering was imminent, so that was as far as I got before the plasterer came.  To be continued...

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