Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hallway - To Do List

I'm determined to get the whole hallway project finished by Christmas.  That's my aim.  Even though the paint is generally on the walls, there is still a heck of a lot to do!  Here's my list:

  1. Get the radiator back on the wall.
  2. Take up the laminate flooring
  3. Cut back bathroom flooring upstairs to fit nicely in door threshold in prep for floor work
  4. Insulate under the ground floor (I'm fairly sure this hasn't been done, but who knows!)
  5. Replace loft hatch, and sort out plaster around it.
  6. Sort out the dodgy patch on the ceiling 
  7. Sand floor (upstairs and downstairs)
  8. Stain and varnish the floor
  9. Sand down woodwork on stairs ready for repainting
  10. Finish stripping door frames (firstly, I need to figure out where I'm going to stop!)
  11. Attach skirting board to all walls
  12. Prime and paint all woodwork (this is going to be a big job!)
  13. Paint the two internal doors downstairs
  14. Fit new handles, hinges etc. to the downstairs doors
  15. Carpet runner for the stairs
  16. Make blind for upstairs window
  17. Make curtains for front door
  18. Buy frames and hang pictures
  19. Build out under the stairs to enclose the space (my first go at serious carpentry!)
  20. Install storage system under the stairs
  21. Revel in the prettiness of the hallway when it's all done! :)
How is your to do list looking?

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