Thursday, 5 November 2015

Filling in the holes in the new plaster

So you might have read about our mini plumbing disaster here and here.

Which left us with some gaping holes through to the living room.  I used some deep gap filler, and a filling knife, and filled them as best as I could.

I left this for a few days to go fully hard, and then used some sandpaper to sand it down.  I've no idea what grit size I used, I just picked up the first piece I found in the garage!  It seemed quite coarse, but when I touched the wall afterwards it was super smooth so I didn't bother looking to find any finer sandpaper.

I then touched up with the wall paint, and I used a dry roller to run over where I had touched up to get rid of the brush marks,  I also used this opportunity to touch up a few marks that we have accidently made on the walls since we painted it, not that long ago at all - oops!

For example this one, where Dan made a mark and then tried to rub it to get rid of the mark...

Good as new now.  You'd never know there was ever a hole there now:

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