Sunday, 6 December 2015

I passed!

Completely unrelated to the house, or baking or gardening for that matter, I passed my exams!  The e-mail came in on Friday and I had worked myself up for weeks with thoughts of failure.  I re-lived the exam in my head so many times, replaying and replaying all the stupid things I wish I hadn't said.

Well, I worried for nothing!

I've now gone and got myself some extra letters after my name: CEng MICE.  That means, I am a chartered engineer, as well as a Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Yay!

I was so happy I cried.  Not the dainty little tears rolling down ones cheek kind of crying, but full on ugly sobbing.  The whole process of preparing for the exam took so much out of me.  It was six months of my life, of evenings and weekends, and nothing else. Work, studying, sleep. Repeat.  My body gave up sleeping, my hair started falling out at an alarming rate, and I was miserable.  And then another 2 1/2 months of worrying between taking the exam and finding out the result. So, you can kind of see why my sobs were justified!  I couldn't bear the thought of putting myself through that all over again, if I had failed and had to re-sit.

I sat it pretty early in my career, so I'm so proud of my achievement.

Now that's done, let's get cracking with some DIY!

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