Thursday, 7 January 2016

The stair carpet is finished!

We finally have stair carpet!  Yay!  It's like walking on a cloud :-D

Let me tell you the story....

Sometime back in November time, we were in a retail park and stumbled into one of the big furniture shops that sells everything from dining tables to carpet.  We had a good stroke of all the carpets (sounds creepy but a bit of a must!), and the hubby picked the one he liked.  It got the thumbs up.  I wasn;t sure of the colour to start with but it grew on me the more I thought about it.

But at £26.99 per metre squared, I was left reeling at the price!  We didn't need much to make a runner, but because of the roll widths of the carpet, we would be looking at £200+.  Eek!

I took the name and the colour of the carpet though, and did some googling on the way home.  I found out some online stores that give the same carpet a slightly different name at a much reduced price. Around £14 per metre squared - much more tolerable.

I went into a local carpet shop to enquire about getting the edges whipped and getting it fitted.  The guy in the shop then went on to tell me all the pro's and cons' of getting the carpet whipped vs. folding the edges under.  What I though was going to be a straightforward conversation then left me spiraling with more decisions!  The main con which he kept emphasising was how easily the edge of the whipping can start ravelling if you catch it with the hoover or something.

I went away and ummed and ahhed and decided to go for the folded option.  But then we struggled to find a fitter!  At last yesterday we had someone round to fit the carpet.

Let's just remember what it looked like before:

And now!  The pile is quite deep which gives it a bit of colour variation as some parts are flattened and others aren't.  I don't think I mind that, but it was a slight concern when we bought it as I wonder how it will look with time. I guess only time will tell!

I must admit, the first thing I saw when I walked in was the bottom step:

Where it has been nailed at the bottom, it doesn't look quite right, almost like it has been pulled in slightly the wrong direction.

Apart from that, I'm really pleased with it, and it's a great way to start progress on the house in 2016!

Total Costs

Carpet - £89 incl. delivery
Underlay - Free, left over from our bedroom carpet
Carpet grippers - Free, left over from previous project, and we retained the ones we took off the stairs for re-use.
Fitting - £50

TOTAL = £139

How are your projects coming along?

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