Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Is it Friday yet?!

Oh my gosh, I am struggling! And it's only Tuesday!

This past week I have been rushed off my feet.  My husband works for a company involved in the crossfit industry and they were running a crossfit competition in London at the weekend.  I helped out too as I was keen to see what the whole thing was about, but it had me manically busy from Thursday straight after work until Sunday evening.  It's then taken me a day or so to take stock and sort the house out, washing etc. that I'm only now starting to feel 'normal' again.  I'm still tired though and the lurgy is going around at work so I feel like that is also taking it's toll.

Which all explains the lack of posts for the last week...

I'm getting super excited for my plastering course which starts on the 20th February, and dreaming of how smooth the walls will be once I'm done :)

I'm also hoping to take finished photos of the hallway this weekend to share with you all.  It's taken me this long as it's always so dark when I'm not at work, that my only real opportunity is the weekends.

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