Monday, 6 June 2016

May Catch-Up

Once again, I have abandoned the blog for many weeks.  The house has gotten on top of me a bit this last month, as we had two rooms on the go at the same time which left the whole house in a disarray.

Note to self: only tackle one room at a time!

We started the living room first, but then I decided I needed somewhere in our house to practice my newly acquired plastering skills that I then dismantled the box room / home office too.

The office is now done, and looks brilliant, but took much longer than I thought (I decided if I was going to do it, I'd do it properly, so this meant sorting out the flooring, skirting etc. as well.).  Post to follow soon on this!

The living room is now a shell.  At one point we had garden loungers in there after we sold our sofa on gumtree, but even the garden loungers have had to go now that plastering has started,  This means that we have no where to relax apart from our bedroom, and I'm really anti technology in the bedroom so essentially we now have no TV!  Not that we ever did watch much TV, but it is nice to have it for when you just want to watch a bit of mindless tv every now and again.  It has had it's positives though as I am now trying to do more exercise in the evenings, and I have actually found time to start straightening my hair again!

It's still going to be some time before the living room is done though, so I best get used to it!

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